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Okay, I saw my new pet do this, so I think I'll try it.

My name is Hobbes, and I am a 10 year old female tortiseshell. I used to live in Los Angeles with four pets (though 1 of them is really too young to be properly called a pet, he's more of a drooler) three other cats, and two droolers. I also used to live with another cat who was my best friend, but he died.

Yesterday, a former pet of mine came for a visit, and brought the other pet, the one who will pet me for hours. (That's why they're called pets, you know.) I was hoping he would spend the night, but instead, they brought a cat carrier and stuffed me into it. The indignity!

I knew what that meant, they were taking me to the vet! (Which is the opposite of pet.) And I wasn't even itchy! But they drove for a lot longer than it takes to get to the vet.

Well, after hours and hours and days in the stupid carrier (which smells like strange cat) they finally let me out in a new place. It's strange, because it doesn't smell like cat at all.

At first, I was afraid to come out of the carrier, but finally I worked up my nerve. I found a nice cave under the bed, and stayed there until it got nice and dark.

Then I went exploring.

I found that the pets were asleep. I remembered that I could get the male pet to pet me like that, so I crawled up on his chest, and he did!

I miss my old pets, especially Aaron, but I'm starting to think this is a good thing. Instead of having to share four pets with three other cats and the droolers, now I have two pets all to myself.
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