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Big Changes

Finally, that silly pet of mine has left the computer and the internet on while she's out.

You'll notice I said pet, not pets. My pets split up, and I ended up with my female pet. Which makes me kind of sad. I miss my male pet. When he laid in bed to pet me, he used both hands. My female pet usually only pets me with one hand, because she's got some dumb book in the other.

I miss my Daddy! male pet.

In other news, there has been a furry snake that's been sneaking around lately, twitching its head at me. I've caught it a few times, but it always manages to escape. Once I thought I had it cornered on the edge of the bed, but when I leaped up to chase it, it had disappeared! I looked over the side of the bed for it, but it was completely gone.

That silly pet of mine actually laughed at me! She doesn't realize what serious business hunting is.

Uh-oh. Sounds like my pet is coming home.

Maybe if I beg loudly enough, she'll give me treats!
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